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The National Operational Programme for "Networks and Mobility", co-financed by Italy and the European Union, is developed in the southern Italian regions of Campania, Calabria, Puglia and Sicily to speed up and improve the sustainability of the transport network. The objective of the Operational Programme is to improve rail and road connections, upgrade airports, ports and interports and integrate new smart transport systems.

Consistently with the strategic Community guidelines, the 2007-2013 NOP for "Networks and Mobility" aims to develop a flexible, integrated and diversified transport system. Developing transport is of key importance for the socio-economic growth and attractiveness of the EU Member Countries. Within the European infrastructure system, the aim of the projects is to promote the development of maritime transport, modernise the rail network, improve the complementary road system and improve connections between the production poles and infrastructure.

Transport system improvement policies


The NOP has identified several key priorities:

Strengthening the links between the Corridors and the main local production poles and creating an integrated transport system including the various modes of transport.
Modal rebalancing
Fostering efficient and sustainable transport modes, alternative to road transport, with a view to easing the pressure of long-distance freight traffic on the road network.
Quality and efficiency of services
Increasing the quality of freight transport services, safety standards and management techniques.
Reducing environmental impact
Allocating at least 70% of resources to sustainable transport modes, rail and maritime transport.
Mobility and accessibility
The Programme ensures the safety and speediness of freight transport.