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The National Operational Programme for "Networks and Mobility", co-financed by Italy and the European Union, is developed in the southern Italian regions of Campania, Calabria, Puglia and Sicily to speed up and improve the sustainability of the transport network. The objective of the Operational Programme is to improve rail and road connections, upgrade airports, ports and interports and integrate new smart transport systems.


The Certifying Authority (CA) is responsible for certifying the expenses incurred for implementing the Operational Programme.

The following Government entity is responsible for certifying the 2007-2013 NOP for "Networks and Mobility":

Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

Directorate-General for Territorial Development, Programming and International Projects, Div. V.

Activities of the Certifying Authority

Prepares and transmits to the Commission the certified statements of expenditure and the payment applications.

Certifies the accuracy of expenses and data reliability.

Certifies the consistency of expenses with the Community and national regulations and the criteria applicable to the Programme.

Maintains digital accounts of the expenses declared by the Commission. Keeps accounts of the recoverable amounts and of the amounts withdrawn following the total or partial cancellation of participation in an operation.

Guarantees receipt from the Managing Authority of suitable information concerning the procedures followed and the audits carried out, with respect to the expenses set out in the statements of expense.

Certifies the payment applications and operates in consequence of all the activities carried out by the Audit Authority, or under his responsibility.