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The National Operational Programme for "Networks and Mobility", co-financed by Italy and the European Union, is developed in the southern Italian regions of Campania, Calabria, Puglia and Sicily to speed up and improve the sustainability of the transport network. The objective of the Operational Programme is to improve rail and road connections, upgrade airports, ports and interports and integrate new smart transport systems.


The Audit Authority responsible for auditing the effective operation of the management and control system is the:


Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

Directorate-General of Personnel and General Affairs
Budget and General Accounting, Div. IX

The Audit Authority presents the following to the European Commission:

Audit Strategy | Regarding the Bodies responsible for audit activities, procedures, sampling methods for the audit activities on the transactions and indicative planning of the audit activities

within 9 months from the approval of the OP.

Opinion on the System | Opinion regarding the operation of the Management and Control System, based on the controls and audit activities carried out under its responsibility

by 31 December of each year

Annual Report | Annual report highlighting the audit results

by 31 December of each year

Closing Statement | Certifying the validity of the payment application for the final balance and the legality and regularity of the underlying transactions covered by the final declaration of expenditure accompanied by a final control Report

by 31 March 2017

Audit Authority activities

Ensures that the audit activities are carried out to determine the effective operation of the management and control system of the Operational Programme.

Ensures that the audits are conducted taking into account the international standards and that the components conducting them are functionally independent and free of any risk of a conflict of interest.

Ensures that the audit activities are conducted on a sample of transactions suited to the verification of the declared expenses.

Presents, in the cases referred to in article 88 of the Council Regulation (EC) No. 1083/2006, a declaration of partial closure regarding the legality and regularity of the expenses in question.