Giovedì 04 Giugno 2020
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The National Operational Programme for "Networks and Mobility", co-financed by Italy and the European Union, is developed in the southern Italian regions of Campania, Calabria, Puglia and Sicily to speed up and improve the sustainability of the transport network. The objective of the Operational Programme is to improve rail and road connections, upgrade airports, ports and interports and integrate new smart transport systems.

Distribution of resources for the NOP for "Networks and Mobility" by Priority Axis

Assi prioritari Contributo comunitario Controparte nazionale Ripartizione indicativa della controparte nazionale  Finanziamento totale Tasso di cofinanziaménto
Finanziamento nazionale pubblico Finanziamento nazionale privato
(a) (b)=(c)+(d) (c) (d) (e)=(a)+(b) (f)=(a)/(e)
Asse I 757.584.572,25 252.528.190,75 252.528.190,75 0,00 75%
Asse II 577.371.612,75 192.457.204,25 192.457.204,25 0 769.828.817,00 75%
Asse III 39.772.706,25 13.257.568,75 13.257.568,75 0 53.030.275,00 75%
Totale 1.374.728.891,25 458.242.963,75 458.242.963,75 0 1.832.971.855,00 75%